Thursday, December 23, 2010

Polyphasic Sleeping Day 4

I'm rather disappointed in myself this morning. I just woke up at about 7:30AM because I went back to sleep, after a 3 hour core nap, at around 5AM.  I definitely need to stop napping in my bed at night. It's most definitely too comfortable.  I'm going to keep going with the cycle though.  I don't feel any need to reset or start over.  I feel as though I'm more tired from sleeping 5 hours than I have been each time I wake up from a 20 minutes nap.

Last night before my core nap,  Boyfriend offered to wake himself up and then call me to help me wake up at 5AM.  I said no, he needs to sleep.  I've learned my lesson, I'm never turning down another wake-up call offer from Boyfriend.  The hardest part of oversleeping this time is that I picked up my phone, turned off the alarm, and lay back down because the bed was warm.  I exercised no self-discipline.  Today, I'm going to use Steve Pavlina's advice about getting up right when the alarm goes off. I'm going to practice waking up!  I just need to figure out what I want the first few things in my waking routine to be.

I'm learning more about my sleeping habits through this process and I'm always grateful to learn more.   That said, I need to re-train some of those habits. 

Vegan Eating Day 9

This morning, I had my first breakfast salad.  Nothing too special.  In fact, I don't really know what to do with salads.  Mine was spinach with blackstrap molasses as dressing because of it's nutritional value, sliced almonds and shredded coconut.  Pretty good except that I'm not used to the taste of molasses.  I like it, but it's weird.  I used to hate honey for that reason, grew to like it and now don't care either way but definitely prefer agave nectar.

One table spoon of blackstrap molasses had 20% of the daily value of Iron, Calcium and something else in it.  I think it had a lot of potassium.  Those are reasons enough to eat it, plus it looks cool.

For lunch I went to Native Foods again with one of my two best friends.  I ordered a pizza that had ricotta (tofu) cheese on it.  I need to find it, buy it and die happy. As always, the sweet potato fries with ranch were amazing.  The chocolate peppermint cupcakes are still delicious also. 

For the past few days, I've been drinking the teeniest tiniest sip of eggnog once a day.  It's delicious and I think letting myself have a tiny bit is probably much better than resisting and at some point binging on eggnog.  (That would be a delicious binge.)

Last night, I cooked steel cut oats.  They are now sitting in a Tupperware in the refrigerator waiting to be microwaved and eaten.  There are probably 6-8 servings there depending on how hungry I am.  I want to do more meal prep like this.  Making things for the week, like pasta, oatmeal, rice and maybe mashed yams. 

Recently, I've been feeling more fulfilled by my meals. I take this to mean that they are more balanced and nutritious. Now I'll be able to cut back on the pricey soy jerky.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Polyphasic Sleeping Days 3-4

I decided to go back to my original plan and try the Everyman after I accidentally slept for 5 hours this morning.  I think having that core nap will be helpful.  Fewer naps during the day is a plus.  Since I can't figure out quite what to do with my nighttime waking hours, having a core nap to eat a few of those up will be especially helpful.  I'm trying the 3 hour core nap and 3 twenty minutes nap variety.

I have temporarily stopped my self-improvement list due to my new-found psychological blocks when it comes to getting something done each day.  I'm still reading over them and trying to implement the psychological ones, like positive thinking, living in the moment and remembering names.

Physically, the lack of sleep hasn't been so bad.  I get really cold at night and end up wearing tons of clothes so I won't snuggle up underneath a blanket and fall asleep.  It's hard to figure out when I should eat.  It seems that I get hungry 5-10 minutes before naps rather frequently.  Since I've been trying to stick to a firm schedule, I put off eating until I wake up. 

I'm still determined to make polyphasic sleep work for me. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Polyphasic Sleeping Day 2

Update time!  This morning I took a nap that I woke up from around 4:15AM, I then managed to stay awake for a while before taking another nap around 6AM. After that nap, I waited 20 minutes and took another one.  If I had given myself rules and restrictions, I might have called that cheating. 

I overslept at my 12PM nap.  I'm using my cell phone alarm and I can't tell if I never set the alarm to "on" or if I turned it off and went back to sleep.  Boyfriend recommended putting my phone across the room.  That sounds like a pretty good idea to me, so I will do that for my 4:30PM nap.  I'm trying to space them 3.5 hours apart like the Uberman cycle.

I was having a lot of trouble with staying awake in between the 8AM and 12PM naps.  It occurred to me to stand up and move.  As soon as I walked around the room a bit, I felt much more awake.  I then had no problem staying awake even when I sat back down and watched a movie.

I'm keeping exercise light.  I don't want to exhaust myself and oversleep.  This morning I did about half an hour of yoga from the exercise channel on my TV.  It was very relaxing but didn't make me sleepy.

I've read that not knowing what to do with the extra 30-40 hours a week could easily be my demise.  I have enough hobby type things that I can direct my attention between that I'm not too concerned.  Since I'm very in to ballet videos right now and youtube is rather wonderful, I feel that I can keep myself occupied.  Even though it is winter break from school and I don't have a job, I can come up with enough things to do.

Polyphasic Sleeping Days 1-2

Wow. So I tried to start last night but slept much longer than intended.  I restarted with more determination.  So far, so...well, I'm doing it, okay?  My next nap is in half an hour.  I'm doing the SPAMAYL (Sleep Polyphasically as much as you like) with the Uberman as a guide.  I would like to be on the Uberman schedule at some point.  That's 6 20-30 minutes naps a day at 3.5 hours apart.

Right now I'm trying to stay up so that when I wake up from my next nap 3:45AM-4:15AM I'll only have a few hours before some daylight and my parents waking up.  I've taken probably 4 naps today (yesterday technically) using my boyfriend as my timer.  It's perfect because he can tell when I finally fall asleep so I don't need to wake up to reset my alarm.  Now I'm at home so I have to allow an extra few minutes to fall asleep.  I'm concerned that part of the adaptation is going to involve learning to fall asleep quickly as opposed to allowing 20 minutes to fall asleep and 20 minutes to be asleep.

This is going to be very difficult but I'm looking forward to the experience and results.  I was originally planning to start on Christmas but this will be interesting.  Positive thinking should go a long way to help with this.  As Steve Pavlina mentions in his 60 day update on his polyphasic sleeping,  he made sure that mentally failing was not really an option.  I'm doing the same.  If I fail, it will be because my body can't handle it, not because I convince myself that going back to sleep is a good idea or because I don't like being cold (from sleep deprivation).

I'm hungry right now but I'm hoping to use that as another motivator to get out of bed at the end of my nap.  I have the volume on my phone alarm turned up all the way.  I won't sleep through that noise.  I'm really looking forward to this nap now.  Goodnight...morning.

Vegan Eating Week 1 Complete

Wow. Well, I feel pretty good.  This is especially amazing since aside from Saturday dinner, I ate hummus and whole wheat pita bread all weekend.  Long story short, Boyfriend's work ordered more than enough Greek food, he got leftovers.   I can't tell yet if I need less sleep now that I'm no longer eating animal products.  I think that may be the case but because I am adapting to polyphasic sleep right now, it's hard to say.  I hope to go to Mother's Market later today and pick up a lot more produce (I miss my carrot apple celery juice), steel cut oats, vegan butter and maybe some more vegan ice cream.  I still have trouble believing how amazing that ice cream was!

I'm planning to meet a friend for boba later today.  I googled it and as far as I can tell, the actual tapioca is vegan so it's just a matter of getting a drink that doesn't have milk or cream in it.  I'm a little bummed since I love the thai tea with milk.  I'll survive and be stronger for it.

The dinner I had on Saturday was for Boyfriend's and my 6 month-iversary.  We went to a restaurant called Vegan Glory in LA.  I ordered pad thai, a smoothie and carrot cake.  Incredibly delicious. It's making me hungry to think about it now. Yum!  So Vegan Glory has been added to the list of yummy vegan food places.  Boyfriend admitted to liking it too. It's a win-win sort of thing.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Vegan Eating Day 5

When I first went grocery shopping as a vegan, I went to the local Mother's Market and bought tofu, soy jerky, rice and almond milk, a cart full of produce and some bags of bulk grains.  For the most part, my diet suddenly included things that I've never eaten on a regular basis.  This morning, I decided to have a bagel with almond butter.  It seemed too easy, where was the preparation and careful instruction following?

I have now come to realize that I can't eat relatively normal things that have the vegan qualities that I'm looking for.  I made a big pot of steel cut oats afterward.  It took about an hour to make them but I will be able to heat some up for breakfast in the morning for the next few days.  I can eat salads and pre-cook a lot of dinners so I don't have to cook at the end of the day when I'd rather be doing...anything else.  I've made this into a big cooking intensive process and it does not need to be that.

If only they made vegan TV dinners...but I suppose the sodium would be unhealthy, entirely defeating the purpose.  Just finished the rest of my vanilla almond ice cream.  Vanilla but made with almond milk. It is really unbelievably good.

Christmas Time Eating
My family is getting together with my dad's brother's family for Christmas Eve.  I'll be bringing my own food so as not to inconvenience them into making something vegan.  I need ideas though.  I was thinking about going to a local vegan place and just getting a fancier than usual meal to take with me and heat up later.  I don't know if this will be an awkward social situation and it makes me a teensy bit antsy.

My dad is making lamb for Christmas dinner.  I'm eating it. End of story. Well, not really the end.  I'll have a few bites of it.  An incredibly small portion because I want to taste it without feeling too many of the effects on my body.  Perhaps it will also be a learning experience.  I'll feel the difference between eating animal products and not eating them far more acutely than when I switched to veganism.
Loving Hut
My mother and I went to a vegan restaurant last night called Loving Hut.  The food was delicious.  The service was so-so and the literature and pamphlets were a little bit horrifying.  I saw a few things about something called the Supreme Master.  This is the kind of place that uses 4 instead of for and 2 instead of to.  Just a little 2 new-agey for me.  However, the sweet potato fries and spring rolls made up for it and I will happily get take-out.

I'm still enjoying the learning experience I get with eating vegan.  My brother mentioned that I'd been very nice this week.  Perhaps a result of my healthy eating.  I've been sleeping well enough.  I've had a bit of trouble falling asleep but I've also been trying to go to bed earlier.  I'm still enjoying the journey.